Child Poverty in Western Cities

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Start datum: 21 november 2019

Eind datum: 22 november 2019

Locatie: Leeds, Groot-Brittannië

Child Poverty in Western Cities,  Leeds (Groot-Brittannië), 21-22 november

Aanmelden kan via de website van Child in the City:, waarop ook het navolgende is te lezen (dit is niet de volledige tekst):

“Welcome to the fourth Child in the City International Seminar which will take place in Leeds, UK 21-22 November 2019. The main theme of this seminar is ‘Child poverty in western cities’. This is a joint project of the Child in the City Foundation and the City of Leeds.


The main theme of this international seminar is Child poverty in western cities.

Child poverty is an often hidden phenomenon in western cities masked by figures of the overall prosperity of cities. It often concentrates in specific highly segregated neighbourhoods. We recognise that many cities are polarised and have children both who live in wealth and others who live in poverty. Child poverty has many faces and affects children’s development in a number of negative ways. In this seminar, we want to focus on both expanding our knowledge of child poverty and building on solutions in the form of best practices and innovative policies.

This seminar will comprise a number of keynotes exploring theories and definitions of child poverty, the effects of child poverty on children and their families and, ways to tackle this issue from an interdisciplinary approach.

Within the overall theme of the seminar the following sub-themes will be explored:

  • Child poverty and children’s agency
  • Child poverty and educational environments
  • Child poverty: Urban segregation and marginalisation
  • Addressing child poverty in interdisciplinary ways
  • Child poverty: Lessons from two cities Dortmund and Madrid”